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Please find here abstract of french article, on the same subject, you can read too with google bar translate

Two Malaysan airplane accidents ( 2014, march 8 and july 17) were analysed by astrologers, all mainly are vedic, and by Astroemail, with orbital real planets movings

These vedic astrologers are for the french one, Bernard l'astrologue, a blogger, and the second is the indian R.S.Maniam (columnist of The Astrological Magazine of dr B.V. Raman)

These vedic astrologers have a disaccord about the retrospective diagnose of theses crashes.

For Bernard the astrologer,only MH 17 study, "the sky this day was fully murdered" because he found a mars uranus opposition on july 17.

Bernard the astrologer (french vedic)

For R.S. Maniam, studied both MH 370 and MH 17, these crashes were under mars saturn aspect in conjonction of Rahu. Maniam conclusion wrote "mishaps predestined." a fully paradox.

R.S.Manian columnist of The Astrological Magazine, 2014 september issue

Astroemail took time to verify with real planets movings, and not with imagination astronomy used in astrology (planets forward and backward moves).

Firstly, Rahu can't serve any cause, because on march 8, Rahu position already passed, and moon in first quarter. Rahu had a real date, and moon can't be like Jesus, live again a second time in lunation.

It means vedic astrologer need to learn attentively more astronomy facts. Especially Moon a captiv satellit or Earth, not a big girl, who have permission to go, each night, in clubs, for dancing, under the stars with all other planets.

All astrologers should change their minds about Moon, and think differently about orbit of this satellit. Because near Earth, at 400 000 km in space, no zodiac signs at all exist. Only Earth position and nothing more. But all astrologers, vedic ones included, are uninterested by Earth.

Moon position, 2014, March 8th, first quarter after Rahu passed on March 4th

Moon position July 17th, accident one day before Rahu day (july 18th)

So, it means, all explanations, using Moon, and Rahu, often used in vedic system, are false and wrongs.

On March 8, and July 17, no Mars Saturn, or Mars Uranus aspects too.

Here are the real planets sidereal positions according to JPL (nasa)

March 8

Mars      184

Jupiter   110

Saturn   228

Uranus     12

Neptun  335

Pluto     281

No configuration Mars/Rehu/Saturn (Rahu 163° already passed with Earth move)  

mars moon 184-168 = 16 longitudes, saturn moon 228-168=60

difference mars saturn 228-184=44 longitudes

mars-uranus 184-12= 172 longitudes

Because of distances (one AU=150 millions km) all aspect need to be exact, no orb at all.

July 17

Mars      248

Jupiter   121

Saturn   232

Uranus    13

Neptun 335

Pluto    282

difference mars saturn 248-232=  16 longitudes

difference mars uranus 248-13= 235 longitudes

No mars saturn or mars uranus aspect at all. Bernard the astrologer, and R.S.Maniam both are WRONGS.

Transportation accidents are not newest, and in the past, boats divings, already well treated by Diagoras of Melos.

Bernard the astrologer said "sky was fully murdered" on july 7, but Singapore Airlines had this day a flight at 3 minutes of MA17 on Ukrain Sky,and this plane well arrived with all safe passengers. The same day, more than 100 flights were recorded this afternoon in this country. So the sky was not murdered at all.

R.S. Maniam wrote these 2 flights "mishaps predestined". Not convinced at all. Because he used false planets movings and saw fairy tale aspects.

Maybe, all these astrologers should begin to study from REAL birth datas of all the victims. They could receive these infos reading People magazine, or asking them to Malaysan Airplane Company. Strange attitude, to study without searching any correlation, if these could exist. These astrologers are both lazy, and made bad work! Nobody can believe them because they can't identify, really the victims, nor the planes, from all in air at these times. Predestination, or determination, are all wrong too, after Astroemail discovered how Astrologia Gallica, mystify all people with false Morin Birthdate.

Maybe it is necessary to study birth dates, of all victims, before concluding "predestinated"

Two millenaries before, philosopher Carneade of Cyren asked astrologers about statistics and victims in transportation accidents by sea. And after him, Skeptic Philosopher, Sextoy Empeirikoy, did the same about soldiers back from Troyan War, victims of tempests on their boats in mediterraneam sea. "Are they all born both under aquarius to dead in the same condition?" He wrote!

Till now, No one astrologer, took time to think about this problem, and solve it.

gdb 10/14

As usually in celestial mecanism system only synodic aspects, can be listed. It means angulary moment between Sun and a planet. When two planets are at the same sidereal position, it is only an encounter, a unic angle and after nothing more. In application of Kepler first law (a planet only orbit around a star stay on one plot of her ellipse)


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