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astrology aspect theory past and now


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by claude thebault, Kaunas


Origins with some dates

The oldest known mention stating an angular relationship between planets is in the last book of Cicero, De Divinatione, written in -44. He said exactly this, in the translation given by Philippe Remacle in Part II, paragraph XLII (Cicero

"There, they say, in the circle of constellations called by the Greeks Zodiac, a virtue by which each produces some movements and changes weather following it is at a given moment in the vicinity of such star or another; this means it is subject to the influence of the so-called wandering stars. When one of them is at the time of the birth of a child in such a constellation of the Zodiac and supports it with a dependency ratio or concordance was what astrologers call trine or quadrant appearance. "

The length of the quote is voluntary. The reader is well aware, in terms of divination, a leading expert on the subject, as Cicero, gives a reduced report said matching trine or quadrant dependency quadrature definition.

So in - 44 astrologers, astrologus Latin, Greek sense knew  angles of 90 ° and 120 ° with symbolic meaning.

The development of the angular function is found in the first volume of the mathematical composition of Ptolemy, as exposed geometric, trigonometric and divisions circles. Since there astronomer specialized in their demonstrations.

Including the First Book chapters angles and arcs.

Writing Composition Mathematics was completed in 140. Between Cicero and Ptolemy there is a gap of 184 years. Mathematical composition, as well as other works by the same author were translated from Greek in 1813 by Father Halma. This book, in french, and greek original writing, is freely downloadable from the internet, in books google entering a query like this one =

It was not until the year 350 or 210 years later, to have a special book on astrology planetary angles, exposed by Julio Firmicus Maternus in his main work Mathesis (mathematics) also available in two volumes in google books pdf.

 The book is mainly in Latin. Therefore need to be copied into a word processor extracts you want to translate and make use of the "google bar" translation for your language. The Mathesis is difficult to handle in the sense that the book has no TOC, table of contents, paged. This forces to use them to establish one to identify pages to understand the layout of the chapters.This constraint is treated one discovers that in Roman times the general theory of aspects summarized an application to the geometry of the ecliptic circle. This approach has two problems to be addressed from the age of Kepler.

Here is an example

De diametris trigonis quadratis exagonis deiunctis sive ableptis

Instituendum mathematicum etiam illus in primis docere debemus, quid sit diametrum, quid trigonum, quid quadratum, quid exagonum, quid ableptum, quod sit etiam trigomun dextrum, quod sinistrum, quod exagonum dextrum, quod sinistrum. Arietis diametrum est Libra et Librae Aries ; Tauris diamétrum est Scorpius et Scorpii Taurus, et cetera omnia signa simili modo ; sed ut non solum oculis hoc, sed et computatione invenias, brevi docemus exemplo :

Diameters of triangles, squares or hexagons joints indeterminateThe teaching of mathematics in the first place, we must teach what is the diameter of the triangle, which, square, hexagon, how they go down, and the trigomun right and left, the right, the hexagon right and left, which left. The diameter (opposition) of Aries and Libra Aries and Libra to Scorpio, Taurus, Scorpio is the diameter of the Bulls, and other signs in the same way, but so that you not only have eyes it (vision at first glance), but you can find it by calculation, we teach a short example ...

As you can see, it is the simple application of the circle functions, and its divisions. Diameter, 180°, today called opposition.

Jules Fimin Materne then explains

quae ratio coniungit horoscopo trigona quadrata diametra exagona

This theory combines the horoscope triangles, diameters, hexagons and squares.

Given the main geometric figures cited this design was very different from the angular profusion applied now by astrologers.

Numc illud breviter explicandum est, cur quaedam loca com horoscopo diximus radiationis societate coniungi, quaedam vero aversea esse ab horoscopo et quodam modo aliena, quae non inmerito pigra diximus ; omnia enim explicare debemus, ut iste institutionis liber plena matheseos substantia muniatur. Omnia signa XXX invicem sibi obligata iunguntur ; cur hoc dixerimus partes. Si itaque has XXX partesduodecies iunctas in unum feceris numerum, perficis CCCLX partes, quae per omnia XII signorum corpora dividuntur. Unde omnia sibi signa invicem vicinitas coniunctionis adsociat, quaecumque itaque integro partium numero iuncto CCCLX partes fecerit, ipsa sibi aequata societatis ratione iunguntur.

Now briefly explain how the meeting of the parties is the horoscope, because they radiate all, while others are opposed to the horoscope. A stranger, not without reason, says it all that we have to explain that this book is full of math programs. All things are connected to each other, the signs of 30 ° together in parts, Why was it done? These parts of 30 °, or parts duodecies combined into a single number you get in step 360 parts per each of the 12 signs are divided body. Therefore, all the signs are united to each other by Union neighborhood, regardless of the number of pieces of a team of 360 parts at its own level are united as a society.

The explanation of radiation, based on the theory of the radius of the circle, appears here as the basis for thinking, and basic relationships aspects in design to the Roman era. Materne and expose it in every aspect it presents. For example, in the relationship with Jupiter Saturn triangle or triangulation.

Saturnus et iuppiter trigoni Omnes stellae si se trigonica radiatione espexerint, sive benivolae sive malevolae stellae, prosperis mixturarum temperationibus conparantur, et malivolarum quidem ex ista radiatione mitigatur inprobitas, benivolarum vero salutaria benefica convalescunt. Si itaque Saturnus Iovi fuerit trigonica radiatione coniunctus, et pigra et deicta loca vitaverit ista coniunctio, sint et ambo in his in quibus gaudent signis, velu nus eorum in domo sua constitutus alium trigonica radiatione respiciat,sintque horoscopo partili radiatione sociati, infinitas copias cum magna felicitate decernunt, praesertim si unus de duobus id est aut Saturnus aut Iuppiter lumen lunae cescentis exceperit. Tunc  enim saturnus infinitarum divitiarum ac magnarum possessionum dominia largitur, tunc sementes agros tunc pascua silvestresque decernit. Sacracrum etiam quarundam aedium publicos fabricatores efficiet, et ut ex ista fabricatione maximum meritum dignitatis accedat

Saturn and Jupiter triangle, if all the stars themselves radiate triangularly, if the stars benevolent or malicious, successful blend mixtures are comparable, and malicious of this radiation is attenuated PERSISTENCE, charity benefits, and healthy prosperity. If Jupiter and Saturn have been linked triangular radiation, and lazy, and avoid places of this union, and they are both in the things that they have standards, such as those of the house, he never lost another triangular set involving radiation, look at the horoscope partitioned radiation UN forces to determine the success, especially if one of them has the light of the moon, Jupiter or Saturn to rise. Then Saturn infinite wealth and great possessions, grants ownership to sow pasture and forest lands (estates). And decision-makers (directors) Sacred public buildings do their work with the greatest approaches of rank and merit

Break the seventeenth century astrologers drop

From Cicero, Jules Firmin Materne, until Kepler, so -44 to 1610, in 1650 years no one put into question the theory of beam and its practical applications. Including Kepler formula before it in 1609 its three fundamental astronomy. Since before that date he committed to trace a circle on a set of sections and partitions, called Kepler still aspects 30,36,45,72,135,144,150 degrees. Which serve as justification for authority to astrologers who use, without really understanding also what are the theoretical foundations, as well as their limitations. Astrologers use all possible means when it comes to recovery.The reality aspect changed completely with the statement of Kepler's first law, the law of orbits, from 1609, marking an important step forward in our understanding of planetary motion. Kepler put in evidence that the planets move in elliptical, not circular motion. This ellipse has two foci. And every planet in the solar system orbiting a star in its movement. Exit Earth and explanations based on geocentrism.

The ellipse recovering seriously question the theory of the radius. For the simple reason that in a circle the radius measures the distance equal at all points of the circumference to the center. This is not possible with the ellipse.Radiating geometric figures (within the meaning of radius of circle) can not apply. The only remaining angles correspond to the maximum and minimum distances from the planet in the path of its orbit, or what the ancient Roman astrologers named diamétris 180°. And angles of 90°. Others disappear.Kepler discovered in effect until the planet gets closer, the Sun in its orbit, its speed increases is the perihelion in the vicinity of the shortest radius. When deviates maximum speed decreases, the aphelion is in the vicinity of the longest range and farthest from the Sun. The planetary gears are all inconsistent and uneven. Moreover the planet no longer runs an angle but an area. Thus, in accordance with a covered area, using Kepler's equation it is possible to calculate the planetary position, but could not find exactly the angle formed according to the area covered in terms of calculation, called the reciprocal of Kepler's equation. So in terms of calculation, law enforcement areas, the exact angularities 60 or 120 ° give no exact solution, or even approximations.

These findings sparked a fundamental misunderstanding among astrologers seventeenth century. They watched the movements of the ecliptic. On the horizon positions of the planets remain in longitude. Astrologers do not understand these elliptical motion around the Sun, then they saw the planets in the same place, doing the round about the earth.The primary effect of mirage apparent from the fact that the ecliptic two aggregates different from the other explained by Kepler's laws realities. The orbit of the planet is twice as its ellipse has two foci. On the one hand it's orbit around the sun, a first star. Moreover also orbit about a second fixed star. This gives each planet two periods. The so-called synodic (around the Sun, the other called sidereal around a fixed star). The ecliptic unlike astrologers thought that corresponds to the line of travel sidereal period of the planets as seen from Earth.Since the first law of Kepler planet that has never orbit around another planet, it can not therefore be radiant relationship between two planets in their sidereal motion of the ecliptic. This has the effect of making considerable completely inoperative all the explanations from antiquity on the relationship between inner and outer planets (Mercury Jupiter type) and between outer planets they ente (type jupiter Saturn, Neptune or March Saturn Uranus).Then the law of areas reduced the regular catalog geometric relationships astrologers 4 main angles 0° 90° 180° 270°. Exit the semi sextile or bi-quintile, not to mention parrallèles.Astrologers of the seventeenth century were unable to absorb the impact of the reality of celestial mechanics. Just like the fact that if calculating an angle, hypothetical, it was preferable to calculate the area covered by the planet, the speed varies throughout its movement. There was rejection.

Attacks Morin de Villefranche, a supporter of geocentrism, against the system of Galileo, Kepler and therefore, isolated the last mathematician astrologer entire scientific community of the time converted to the system of Galileo and Copernicus's heliocentric theory. All the planets revolve around the Sun. In the century that just the notion of planetary aspect while taking any consistency.The disappearance of astrology in France fossilisa debate in the early eighteenth. In other countries the practice of astrology knew no adaptation discoveries and realities of planetary mechanics. When astrology revived in France late nineteenth, early twentieth under the leadership of Charles Barlet and Freemasonry, the dogma of the radius resumed its ancient use, without modification, with the addition recovery angles Kepler before the formulation his three laws. Astrologers of the twentieth century had the unique opportunity to adapt to reality. On this point, France Barbault preferred melt two fundamental planetary movements into a single concept, blur, he called misleading cycle distorting reality. Continuing the leak in the imaginary. Preferring contaminate entire generations with false notions. A great intellectual fraud is opera so.


After 1650 years, during which it is imposed theory radius ellipse replaced the circle as base figure of planetary motion with all its consequences. New rules should be examined now.

Astrologers used in a millennium and a half to tie several planets them as a bundle of straw, depending, hexagons, triangles, quadrats diameters and conjunctions formed on the ecliptic are found since 1610, struggling with a simple binary relationship coupling a planet with only one star. Passage from septenary to  binomial relations.

With an additional feature, doubling for each planet periods of revolution. Whereas before they thought a single revolution for all, is to summarize around the quadrant at their rhythms.

The simple circular figure, summarizing the skyline, which pass on the planets, disappears giving way to the complexity of another trait. Where planets move up both 360° right ascension at the same time they orbit around the central star, based on two different temporal relations according to their race in space.

The ecliptic was a dashboard crude, raw and rustic, on which indiscriminately showed all kinds of Planetary movements, prograde or retrograde. This imperfect marker, primitive and primary location of all mirages amalgam longitudes all types of travel without separate or distinguish them from each other. A tool frustrates inaccurate readings scores positions in degrees.

So here this horizon identifies both the synodic period of the planet (even back to planet earth sun alignment conjunction or opposition), which can be seen for a moment, and at the same time by moving in degrees, its sidereal revolution around the sun. Roughly the position of a planet on the horizon is the profile view of a simultaneous two.

Take the example of Mercury. Its synodic period (between two conjunctions) varies from 104 to 131 days. Its sidereal period, go around the Sun, is 87 days 23 hours. The observer of the ecliptic are seen nowhere on average once every quarter about Mercury performs a sidereal revolution, a complete revolution of the Sun.

And from March 3 to May 29, 2011, Mercury went from 1° 5-356 30° heliocentric longitude, or a tour of the Sun as seen from Earth on the ecliptic it progressed from 17 ° to 20 ° 2 fishes for 42 Taurus astrologers either 348-51 ecliptic longitude for astronomers. A walk of an arc covering 63° of longitude.

Whatever the retrograde periods from Earth. Since the world does not know that the prograde motion. And from 4 to 27 August 2011 for mercury astrologers demoted from first degree virgin at 18° of Leo, while its running it progressed from 281 to 6 of solar longitude. End rotation, and starting another. Indistinguishable realities on the ecliptic. Astrologers Whereas the planet down disrupts their communication systems, their writings, and even their ways of thinking. A peak for a simple visual aberration resulting from the effect of apparent velocities between two planets. When appearance is mistaken for reality, mental projections made then cover the entire spectrum of possible rantings. And Chris Brennan, young president of the American Society for Astrological Research, evoked November 6, 2012, the day of the U.S. presidential vote, Obama would steal his election results, because Mercury demoted. On the grounds that Mercury disrupts communications. Jessica Adams Cosmopolitan astrologer chimed on the subject, arguing that during the crisis of 1929 Mercury demoted. Affirming that the Titanic sank on the same grounds. So Mercury would raise the stock crashes, along with the formation of icebergs on the sea route liners. If that were true we would know. It's like back in the days of the Three Consultations At Sea from 474 to 479, and the explanations given for the broken rudder from Rhodes to Gaza in syrian sea. So these explanations are confusing nonsense accumulated about a planet only prograde motion of the Earth seen 4 times a year on average, down, on a horizon line, route of all fantasies.

Jupiter with a synodic period of 395-402 days (approximately 13 months between two conjunctions) has a sidereal period of 4319 to 4335 days, or about 11.8 Earth years. This means that Jupiter takes so long to move from 0 to 360°. Where Mercury carries four complete revolutions around the sun to mount the same right ascension. On average 48 times revolutionizes Mercury around the Sun for a revolution of Jupiter. The 48 to 1 for understanding incidentally that of 11 years blunders from Mercury and not Jupiter. As a result of an excess of mental unrest. Instead of an amplifying effect that the Roman Jupiter Maximus formerly attributed by religious piety.Finished these unlikely couplings where in the past, cross, urns, and in all sorts of shapes with diameters convoluted, hexagons, trines and quadrants cards bound together 5 (mercury, venus, mars jupiter, saturn), then 8 (5 more Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) in all configurations or complicated more and more unlikely.Now the bonds are no longer, planet by planet with the central star, the Sun. Exit the relationship between inner and outer planets and outer planets between them.Exit also links with the angles and other elements reference cards. Has only seen a planet orbiting around a bottom? or Midheaven? Even less of a point home.Now we must learn to understand and above, at least the least the first two laws of Kepler.The law of orbits: A planet orbits only in an elliptical motion around a star occupying one of his two homes.Law areas: speed of a planet becomes larger when the planet approaches the Sun. It is maximal in the vicinity of the shortest (perihelion), and minimum in the vicinity of the largest radius (aphelion) radius.This gives two main angles: 0° and 180° which then deduce the other two 90° and 270°

No other then.


4 main aspects 0° 90° 180° 270°

2 periods of revolutions per planet form Mercury to Pluto, 8 in all, Moon included

A unique encounter when crossing an inner planet and an outer planet or two outer planets, no other angle then after.

There is work in perspective to analyze and interpret all these elements

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The Mountain Astrologer refused to publish this text in 2013. Reason given "wrote in bad english", it means in their staff no one person can correct type faults, in reality these ideas too subversives for TMA.


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