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Morin Press release about his intimate secret


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Three significant epigraphic discoveries will alter public attitudes towards Morin and astrology are published in the heliocentrism magazine Astroemail 130.

1 - The native data astrologer Morin are and will remain unknown

February 23, 1583 date given in dictionaries as the birth of Jean Baptiste Morin, is only that of his baptism. The act found in the archives of the Rhone, published by Astroemail in its 130 edition does not contain in it wording nor day nor hour of birth. The worst situation for future astrologer. Ignore all of his native data birthdate and hour.

Baptismal certificate of Jean Baptiste Morin Archives du Rhône dated February 23, 1583 ©astroemail

Popular practice at that time to observe a survival period of the newborn, between birth and baptism, gives a deviation band of 3 weeks to 8 days between birth and access to the human community by religious baptismal rite . It is estimated that he was born probably between 1 and 15 February 1583. Morin who lost his parents early , could not ask them, neither the day nor the hour of his birth, when astrology crossed his life in the 1600s.

2 - His native biographical data are falsified

The official and formal biography in French, Morin Life, published post mortem agreement with Royal Censorship Board May 26, 1658 ( Morin died November 6, 1656 at 2:00 am) stated under the benefit of a confusion voluntarily maintained, born on February 23 (date of baptism) in mandatory terms : " It is undisputed that Jean Baptiste Morin was born in Villefranche the twenty-third of February 1583 at 8:34 am  ... ". A first attempt at rectification

Morin Life Biography  published in French in 1660 with  agreement of the royal censorship

Latin Biography, Vita, published a year later on 1661, with the same agreement censorship, has a different wording with 2 conflicting mentions of birth, also counterfeit. One, a 3 lines paragraph written in the form of an act, declares born March 7, 1583 at 8 am 34. The other, a side note, with the date of 23 February 1583 without specifying birth, baptism or hourly. In short, a baptism before birth.

The two contradictory statements VITA 7 March 1661 and 23 February 1583. Septimo calendas Martias follows natus " I was born on March 7 ," ... and on February 23 in marginal note .©astroemail

3 - The posthumous work of Morin publishes a false birth chart with a third new date

Astrologia Gallica, major work of Morin, explains the theory of astral determinism of an astrologer, with false native data.

Morin manipulated or not the public to persuade of his birthdate and time entirely fictitious ? instead of his baptism !

His book reproduce three times, a false map of alleged Morin’s sky, dated February 22 , 1853, instead of 23 , with a new schedule to 8:33 p.m. . To persuade the reader of the validity of his theory that the planets inexorably determine the course of human life , with demonstrations using subjectivism methods. Including a posteriori rationalization of its existence on a fictitious date

Nativity JB Morin page 397 Astrologia Gallica doing born 22 (D) 8:33 p.m. (HM ) ©astroemail

Several elements of Morin Life presented in his Biographies are false. As exposed in details by Astroemail, giving specific examples. Including a role having never used, the Bishop Claude Dormy .

Morin would thus concealed, throughout his life, the intimate secret of his birthdate and origins. It is necessary to check, depending on the feasibility, consistency of posthumous text printed in 1661, with the original manuscripts owned by the family Tronson du Coudray, legal testament executor of Morin. To determine whether the book Morin is totally or partly apocryphal , suspect and inauthentic. Particularly with 3 different dates in the printed edition of Astrologia Gallica. Decryption read his baptismal certificate is also required for research !

Several Morin’s predictions presented as illustrious, are also false. Including consideration of king Louis XIII sky, about the king's illness September 1630 in Lyon. Morin said he received directly by Cardinal Bérulle order to examine the king’s figure. But Bérulle died eleven months before, on Oct. 2, 1629. An extremely unusual case of astrological request consultation for a living person directly from Heaven.

Ultimately, at end of this investigation, we discover that a famous astrologer, lived all his life in ignorance of his native data, elaborated, without certainty that is it really the perpetrator, a determinism astral theory, according the ancient Greek philosophy of Fatum (the inevitable fate). To persuade, rational possibility to achieve self-knowledge, constituting stereotypes stories afterwards. Systematic use of confirmation bias. That is to develop a technical error of reasoning based on self suggestive corroborations.

The use of three false dates, for the same person to demonstrate that his life was rationally determined by the stars. These are three too many. Especially when the proof is based on falsification of birth in baptism any time .

We could better sabotage the work of Morin if he had left a message on his experience, canceled by its publisher. It was better to write " I lived my whole life with or without knowing the date of my birth, nor his time. That is why I tried to determine, using a fictitious device that I thought rational . " Will - if we ever konw Morin had this intellectual and professional honesty?

By Claude Thebault

Astroemail edition # 130

The cobbler is the worst shod .

The astrologer unknows his  birthdate.

A new entry to the popular sayings dictionary

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