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Obama natal distance planets positions chart

This chart differs from the geocentric one because here planets are at their REAL orbital places. And some of them replaced in the GOOD PLACE, like :

-Moon not in Gemini but in Aquarius with Earth

- Venus not in cancer but in Aries

- Mars not in Virgo but in Libra

- Mercury not in Lion but in Gemini

- Saturn not in Aquarius but in Capricorn

So 5 planets were at the WRONG places in geocentric Obama collapse natal chart

Now, without any need of more NOISE  (like parts, nodes,mid points so on) you can think about Obama, what man he is, and what he will do.

 But now, for him, it will be interesting to observe what whill happen on february 21th 2014 whith the new Mars Venus encounter  

  continued...(2013 dec 7th)

Obama natal collapse Synodic chart

it means planets positionned without distance

As usually in celestial mecanism system only synodic aspects, can be listed. It means angulary moment between Sun and a planet. When two planets are at the same sidereal position, it is only an encounter, a unic angle and after nothing more. In application of Kepler first law (a planet only orbit around a star stay on one plot of her ellipse)

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en application de l'article 66-1 de la loi du 31/12/1971 reproduction interdite"

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